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Lighting Control

Lighting Control is a category that is actually very broad. It can be as simple as turning a light on/off from your television remote control as you lie in your bed at night or turning your foyer lights on as you open your front door to enable you to see that your first steps into your house are safe ones. While your tanning on a beach in Jamaica, your house lights, television's, radio's, etc..will all turn on/off as if you were there.

Energy savings can be huge with a Lighting control system, simply by pressing the Goodbye button on the keypad as you leave your home all of the lights in the home that may have been inadvertently left on are automatically turned off and not left on while you are gone to work all day.


Lite Touch

There are many different ways a lighting control system can be advantageous to your family. Just imagine if your smart home controller is set to night mode automatically at 1:00am and one of the kids wake during the night and walk out of their room the motion sensor for your security system will see them and gradually turn your lights on to 50%. This will make it safe for them to find their way to your bedroom. Even if you yourself wake up during the night for a midnight snack the lighting path from your bedroom to the kitchen is safely lit.

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